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A Guide to The Different Types of Conservatory

  • by New Look Windows Leicester Ltd
  • 29 Mar, 2019
Victorian Conservatory

If you want to let more light into your home, improve the value of your house add some more space to your property, a conservatory is a cost-effective way of achieving these goals.

As well as being relatively simple to install and enlarging the space that you live in, they can be a crucial selling point for many potential buyers. Providing a space that the new buyers can see being turned into a new lounge, office or even bedroom is understandably attractive. However, what style should you go for? Here we provide a brief guide to the different styles available.

Lean To

A ‘lean to’ conservatory is one of the cheapest and least intrusive styles of conservatories to install at your property. These conservatories are characterised by a roof which is significantly lower than the other styles of conservatory. They typically have a flat or slanted roof and are a great choice for a sunroom tacked onto the back of the home. As the roofs are lower than other styles, they are also a suitable extension for a bungalow.


A ‘P-Shape’ conservatory merges the best of both the classical Victorian style as well as a lean to conservatory. This gives the flexibility to have a relaxation room in the Victorian section and a dining room in the thinner corridor. If you have a smaller property, this offers the very best of both worlds.


Edwardian conservatories are one of the larger styles of conservatories available on the market and act as an additional room for the house. The added space of the Edwardian style creates a huge amount of flexibility which means that the space can be used for any number of functions including a bedroom, if heated properly.

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