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Conservatory Ideas That Will Enhance Your Home

  • by New Look Windows Leicester Ltd
  • 29 Apr, 2019
Victorian Conservatory

A stunning new conservatory offers countless benefits to a property. Externally, installing a conservatory adds instant elegance and style to any home, and a well-built and tasteful design can increase the value of your property by at least 5%. When it comes to the inside of your home, a conservatory provides a light and airy feel, plenty of extra space and the additional natural light can even improve the well-being of you and your family. 

Nowadays, conservatories incorporate all of the mod cons, including double glazing and solar glass, meaning that they’re no longer the freezing cold or sweltering hot spaces we previously avoided. A conservatory is essentially a functional and attractive home extension, minus the hefty price tag and complex planning applications. With this in mind, if you’re thinking of redesigning the space in your home, a conservatory could make for the ideal addition- but what style would suit your home best? 

Thankfully, there are plenty of different conservatory design ideas to choose from. Below, we detail the most popular designs chosen by homeowners in the UK at the moment so that you can pick the perfect style for your home and space. We also offer a few ideas about how you might use your new conservatory.


Victorian conservatory 

The Victorian style is the original conservatory design. Conservatories became a popular home addition during the Victorian era, mostly installed in the homes of members of high society and, famously, the monarchy. Because of this regal history, Victorian conservatories remain a symbol of elegance and class, which is probably why Victorian designs continue to be so popular amongst homeowners today. 

Victorian conservatories are distinguishable by their pitched roofs and multi-faceted end walls- usually three or five, depending on size. The multi-faceted design creates a curved and elegant appearance, however, this also means that they require a fair amount of floor space to fit comfortably. 

If you do have the space, a decorative Victorian conservatory can offer the ideal space for a second living room or formal dining room where you can while away the hours sipping on fine wines and discussing worldly affairs, just as the aristocrats and socialites of the Victorian era did before you.


Edwardian conservatory 

After the Victorian era, the Edwardians adapted the designs of their predecessors, removing the curvature and embellishments to align with more modern architectural fashions and allow people to see as much of the outdoors as possible. That’s why, in an Edwardian conservatory, you’ll find a spacious rectangular floor plan with three or four right-angled walls, instead of the multi-faceted design of a Victorian structure. However, Edwardian designs still look timeless and classic. 

The abundance of floor space that Edwardian conservatories offer is what makes them so popular. The rectangular floor plan maximises the internal space; ideal for homeowners who want to add a large room to their home. As well as this, the four-sided pitched roof offers a bright open space perfect for a second living area, family room or playroom. 

Edwardian designs are increasingly varied- they suit both contemporary and period homes and, along with Victorian frames, can be built using a variety of materials and finishes including hardwood, uPVC and aluminium.


Gable fronted conservatory 

Gable fronted conservatories aren’t as well-known as other designs and aren’t commonplace in the standard British home, partly due to their extravagant appearance. A gable fronted conservatory has a rectangular floor plan and triangular front- also known as the gable front or gable end. The front windows extend to meet the roof, rather than the roof sloping downwards in all directions to meet the windows like the pitched roofs of Victorian and Edwardian designs. 

This gable fronted design makes a real feature of the natural light that pours into the room; whatever the square footage of the floor plan, the gable front will make the room feel instantly larger and grander. With this in mind, a gable fronted conservatory is the perfect addition to a large, contemporary home, as well as a grand, period property. 

Either way, this particular design isn’t the most cost-effective, however, the overall finish is truly magnificent so if you’re planning a particularly luxurious home extension, a gable fronted conservatory could be the ideal addition. Why not create a stunning new living area, extend your kitchen into a light-filled space or even enjoy a bountiful garden room, filled with foliage and fauna?


Lean-to conservatory 

If you have less space to extend, a lean-to conservatory provides that extra bit of room, without encroaching too much on your garden or patio area. A lean-to is a rectangular shaped conservatory with a roof that leans towards the main property, which can either be built into the side-return of a traditional terraced property or added onto the rear of a semi-detached or detached property. This conservatory design is also referred to as a Mediterranean conservatory or sun-room, and for good reason- a lean-to allows plenty of natural light into a space which was previously dark and dingy. 

The simple design makes lean-to conservatories ideal for properties with limited outside space as they maximise the layout of the existing building, without breaking the bank. They’re cost-effective and affordable, and look great in both contemporary and period homes. A lean-to can be used in a number of different ways, however, when built into a side-return, a lean-to is perfect for enlarging a galley kitchen into a spacious and contemporary kitchen diner. 

If the clean lines of a lean-to appeals but you are lucky enough to enjoy plenty of outside space, there’s no reason why you can’t install a large lean-to conservatory with some custom finishes. Adding gull-wings to the corners of the lean-to softens the edges and adds more space, whilst a veranda style lean-to extends the roofing bars with a non-sloping roofline, creating a conservatory that wraps around two adjoining corner walls to make the most of an awkwardly shaped property. This design is also known as an L-shaped conservatory; conservatories can be built in almost any shape to suit all types of properties, including T and P-shaped, which we specialise in here at New Look Windows.


T or P-shaped conservatory 

A custom shaped conservatory can be created in a style that suits you and your home. Whether you want a large Victorian P-shaped conservatory to add a real wow factor, or a contemporary, Edwardian T-shaped design to house a spacious family living area, a bespoke conservatory is the perfect home addition. These custom shapes are only really suitable for large properties with large gardens, and for homeowners who have the budget to add a large extension to the rear or side of their property.


What to do with your new conservatory 

When it comes to how you use your new, light-filled space, it’s totally up to you and depends on the needs of your household. Perhaps you have a compact two up two down terrace where a lean-to would provide valuable extra space to house a growing family, or, maybe you have a large detached home and you simply want to bring the outside in with a roomy bespoke conservatory.


Here are just a few ideas of what you could do with the new space:


●    Second living area.

●    Dining room.

●    Kitchen extension.

●    Playroom or games room.

●    Home office.

●    Garden room.

●    Exercise or hobby room.

Choose New Look Windows to design and construct your new conservatory in Leicester 

At New Look Windows Leicester Ltd, we’re proud to provide our customers with an all-encompassing conservatory service. We design and construct bases to exact specifications and add all of the necessary finishing touches to create conservatories that go above and beyond our customer’s expectations. We offer a range of styles and designs, including all of those mentioned above, which are available in a variety of colours, materials and finishes. 

If you’re looking to extend your home with a beautiful conservatory that will be the envy of your neighbours and friends, why not get in touch with us today. Our team are happy to discuss your requirements in detail, ensuring that our glazing experts provide you with a design and structure that suits your family perfectly. 

Here at New Look Windows, our double glazing products extend beyond conservatories. We also offer superior quality doors and windows to customers across Leicester, so whether you need a replacement front door or you’re looking to update your tired old single glazed windows, you can rely on our expert team to finish the job properly. Contact us on 0116 270 0377 to find out more.
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