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The Benefits of uPVC Windows

  • by New Look Windows Leicester Ltd
  • 29 Mar, 2019
UPVC Window

Installing a new set of windows has a great many benefits. Doing so can increase the value of your home, give a new lease of life to your property and improve kerb appeal. When considering some home improvements - which all of us do from time to time - your windows should be one of the first areas to consider. Here, we provide a short guide to just some of the benefits of uPVC windows over the other materials available.

Energy Efficiency

First and foremost, uPVC windows have a very high efficiency rating. In comparison to many other materials used to produce windows, uPVC can help to retain more heat in the winter and keep in the cool air during the summer. 

As well as making your home a more comfortable place to be, this also reduces your reliance on fossil fuel energy and can save a substantial amount of money on your bills. A large proportion of the heat that leaves your home escapes through the windows and doors, so it’s imperative to use a material that is effective and efficient.


Unlike wood, uPVC is largely impervious to rot and decomposition so it will last far longer than most other materials. It can last as long as three decades and requires little to no maintenance during that time, which means you’ll save money on repairmen over the years. Of course, there is always a bit of work to be done, but you can drastically reduce this by utilising uPVC.

Cost Effective

As well as saving you money on your bills and repair men, uPVC is also one of the cheapest and most ubiquitous materials to be used for windows. As a product that is so widely available across the UK, the costs for uPVC have fallen drastically and now they’re one of the most financially viable and effective materials used on the market.

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