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Three Signs You Need New Doors

  • by New Look Windows Leicester Ltd
  • 20 Mar, 2019
Broken door

Doors and windows are an essential part of any home or business and provide both security and aesthetic appeal. However, doors don’t last forever, no matter how well they’re built. If your door is fairly old, you’ll want to replace it, particularly if it is an outdoor entrance.

A poorly maintained door no longer protects your home. If your front door is looking a little worn down, it may be as simple as giving it a new paint job. However, things may be a bit more serious than just flaking paint. If you have trouble with the actual working part of the door, you might need to put in a new one.

Of course, interior doors are also important and while not as vital for security, they should still be replaced when needed.

Here are a few signs that your door is in need of a replacement:

1. The hinges aren’t working as well. Squeaky hinges are fairly simple to fix, but if you find that the door is actually sagging on its hinges and cannot be opened or shut easily, the hinges are definitely a problem. Chances are, the door is, too, and you’ll need to look for a new one.

Loose hinges mean that anyone can push their way into your house and simply knock the door off its hinges. It’s also a bad sign, since poor hinges mean the door is already falling apart or very close to doing so. You may notice that the door scrapes on the ground and can be difficult to close or open. You will need to get a new door soon and preferably immediately.

2. There is visible damage. You want to avoid keeping a door that is physically damaged. You may notice cracks or chips out of the door and that is a good indication that you need to replace it. This happens indoors, as well as to front doors and is equally concerning.

Cracks and holes in doors can let in drafts and insects, particularly when they are in an outside door. You want to keep these things out, but keep in mind that it is also very simple for a burglar to get into a home through a damaged door.

3. You get drafts. While every home has some drafts, they shouldn’t be persistent. However, as time goes on, there will be more and more. This is due to the fact that the seals surrounding the doors in your home are shrinking and cracking. It’s a normal process, but it can really affect your energy bills.

After all, when cold air or hot air is coming in, your heating or cooling system in the home will not be able to function as well. You’ll be trying to heat the outdoors, as your mother probably told you. This wastes energy, and can let in plenty of creatures that you’d rather leave outside the home, as well. Look for double glazed doors for extra protection. Double glazing will give you more insulation.

It’s important to keep an eye on your doors and especially your front and back doors, since these are the main entrances to the home. When you notice a problem, it’s best to fix it as soon as possible. Don’t leave things until the last minute or until it’s too late. If a burglar comes in, you’ll regret not changing the locks and the door earlier. Fortunately, you can go ahead and fix the door or replace it quickly, with a new one that won’t let in drafts, bugs, or anything else that is unwanted.

When you’re replacing your doors, however, what do you want to replace them with? You have quite a few options when it comes to materials and style.

The Benefits of uPVC Doors 

This type of door is designed to last for a long time. It’s resistant to wear and tear and especially rotting. While there are some materials that will last quite a while, too, these are made from uPVC, which is a type of plastic.

The plastic is cheap to make, so the doors aren’t very expensive. This is possibly one of the most interesting types of doors that is available, since it can be styled in virtually any way. Since the door is made of plastic, you can choose from very simple ones all the way to more elegant ones.

uPVC doors are fire resistant, too, which can help save your home. The material is excellent when used for interior, to prevent sound from carrying and to give your home a stylish look. When used for the front door, you get an extra level of security. With all these benefits, this type of door is an excellent, affordable option that you may want to use both indoors and out. You have many options, though, so you should check out everything before you decide on what you really want.                                                              

Should You Use Bifold Doors? 

While uPVC or composite material make for excellent front doors, you need to remember that security is just as important on other outside doors. Bifold doors are excellent for the patio and give a full view of the garden, but are still durable. They also take up minimal space, since they essentially fold up.

For any door leading to an outdoor space, you want something that can be secured and that provides plenty of insulation, particularly if all glass. Look for double glazed glass so it has that extra protection against temperature changes and storms.

Bifold doors can look very attractive and, when folded out of the way, they provide you with an unobstructed view of the outdoors. It’s essentially like adding the patio to your living space. For this reason, bifold doors are pretty popular and are currently being used across the country.

The number of panels will depend on how much space you have to cover, or how large your door opening is. However, three to five panels is normal and provides more than enough coverage for your doorway. You can open the panels completely to provide unhindered access to the outdoors, close them completely, or you can partially open the doors to let just a little air in.

Pros and Cons of Composite Doors 

Composite doors are made with glass reinforced plastic, or GRP, and come in a variety of styles and colours. You’ll be proud to show off your front door made of composite materials, for sure. However, as with everything, there are pros and cons to this type of door.

It looks like wood. When you glance at the composite door, it looks just like it’s made of wood. The wood grain tends to be quite realistic and you’ll hardly know the difference.

It’s tough. You would be surprised at how well this type of material holds up to the elements and potential burglars. In fact, it is very difficult for someone to break this door. It’s ideal for a front door, but will serve equally well inside the home, too. If you install a multi-point locking system, you’ll find that it helps prevent break-ins, thanks to being almost impossible to open.

It lasts a very long time. The usual timeline for a composite door is around 30 years and could even be longer. It’s a durable material that you can continue to use for decades.

It’s low maintenance. You may have noticed that your other doors have changed quite a bit over time. They are affected by the regular wear and tear that occurs with living in a home. Scratches, dents, and more can all ruin the appearance of your door. Fortunately, this is pretty easy to clean. The composite material tends not to pick up much in the way of scratches or dirt and it’s very simple to clean, so maintenance is minimal.

It costs more money. One of the biggest downsides to this type of door is the price. A thinner, weaker door will cost much less, so you need to be certain you want the heavier duty option before you start.

Overall, you’ll want to invest in a composite door, if not other options. The longevity of this type of door makes it one of the more popular choices for you to select. At the very least, it will last long beyond what you need it for and will provide for your children, or other house owners, for years to come.

Are you in need of a quality door for your home? Contact New Look today to find out what we have to offer in your price range.

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